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Wildflower honey contains vitamins and minerals, as well as many other bioactive plant compounds, including antioxidants such as flavonoids and phenolic acids.

Tasting Notes: Sweet maple, local fruits, and bright and sweet flower blossoms.

What is wildflower honey?

Brother’s Apothecary’s wildflower honey is sourced from the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and packaged in Portland. Wildflower honey is also referred to as poly floral honey, and both words mean that our bees use the nectar from many different species of flowers. Other differences between the more commercially common “clover honey” and wildflower honey relate to their tastes and processing methods. Clover honey also tends to be lighter in color, whereas wildflower honey tends to be darker and richer in color.

We choose wildflower honey due to its deep floral undertones, which retain a unique flavor that reflects the specific part of the world and time of year of the source flower. Not only does this mean wildflower honey differs in flavor regionally, but it also results in varied honey colors. In fact, wildflower honey varieties have an almost infinite shade and flavor range, depending on where the nectar is sourced around the world. Year by year, a honey harvest also develops a unique annual flavor!

The Brothers Wildflower Honey is prepared in small batches, expertly infused, and always lab-tested. This honey is named after the wild blossoms of Oregon, which serve as the main ingredient and flavor profile of this delicious treat. 

Current Source: Organic Tropical Honey

When should I use Organic Wildflower CBD Honey?

Use our honey to sweeten any of our teas, or enjoy right from the spoon. This honey is also a wonderful topping on morning waffles (a great syrup replacement!) and can be used in many recipes and culinary creations.*

*The boiling point for CBD is 356°F. It’s suggested to infuse at low temperatures when using this honey in the kitchen!

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