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CBD Yerba Mate: Meet Herba Mate

Revitalize your day with Herba Mate! This unique Brother’s blend combines Yerba Mate & organic spearmint for clean burning energy and focus. Made with USDA organic full-spectrum hemp, rich in cannabinoids & terpenes. Herba Mate provides a centered, focused drinking experience, perfect to charge you in the morning or power-through an afternoon slump. Refreshing, uplifting, and inspiring: Herba Mate.

  • 10 Single-Steep Tea Bags
  • Est. 30mg Per Tea Bag (Batches Vary)
  • Energizing and Invigorating
  • Contains Caffeine. Contains Coconut.

What is Herba Mate?

Herba Mate is a unique and invigorating herbal drink, meticulously crafted by The Brothers & made for those who are looking for a natural boost of energy.

This special blend combines traditional South American Yerba Mate with a refreshing organic spearmint, plus the added benefits of USDA organic full-spectrum hemp. Packed with antioxidants, cannabinoids, and powerful plant metabolites, Herba Mate is made to support a holistic wellness experience, catering to both body and mind & offering a subtle, yet profound shift in your daily mental focus.

What does Herba Mate taste like?

Herba Mate is similar to an earthy green tea with a sweet note of spearmint. Yerba mate itself is typically a bitter, earthy flavor due to its high content of tannins.

Tasting Notes: Grassy, earthy, minty. 

What is in Herba Mate?

We use organic herbs at every step of the way in Herba Mate. These include:

  • South American Yerba Mate: At the heart of Herba Mate is the traditionally celebrated Yerba Mate, known for its rich cultural history in South America, as well as and health benefits. Our Yerba Mate is naturally aged, which allows it to develop mild flavors and a delicate aroma.
  • Organic Spearmint: To enhance the flavor and brightness of each cup, we’ve added organic spearmint. Spearmint is one of our favorite herbs at The Brothers, offering a refreshing and cooling taste that perfectly complements the earthy tones of Yerba Mate. Spearmint is also appreciated for its soothing properties and support of a healthy digestive system.
  • USDA Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp: At about 30mg per bag, depending on the batch, our patent-pending infusion process adds a hempy, centering quality to each cup. This helps Herba Mate be an excellent choice when you’re looking for clean, clear energy and focus.

What are the Benefits of Herba Mate?

Herba Mate is designed to offer a range of benefits, thanks to its carefully selected ingredients. Due to the caffeine content of a cup of Yerba mate, which is typically equal to or more than a cup of coffee (varies widely on preparation!), it’s important to note that this is, overall, an energizing tea.

  • Natural Energy and Focus: Yerba Mate is famed for its natural energizing properties. It can provide a gentle yet effective boost in energy and mental clarity, making it a great alternative to coffee or overly-sugary energy drinks.
  • Digestive Health: The organic spearmint in Herba Mate is not only refreshing but also traditionally used to support digestive health. It can help soothe the stomach, promote healthy digestion, and complements the effects of yerba mate by stimulating both the mind and one’s olfactory sense.
  • Stress Relief and Calm: East Fork’s unrivaled organic  hemp contributes to the calming effects of Herba Mate. While our utilized strains vary from time to time, we select each based on their potential to promote relaxation and aid in stress management.
  • Antioxidant Properties: Yerba Mate is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidant intake may help the body in combative oxidative stress. They are also known to support overall cellular health. This can contribute to a feeling of vitality and well-being.

In summary, Herba Mate offers a unique and harmonious blend of natural energy, digestive health support, stress relief, and antioxidant benefits. Whether you’re looking to replace your morning coffee, seeking a natural boost in your workout routine, or simply need a moment of calm in your busy day, Herba Mate provides a balanced, refreshing, and healthful solution. Enjoy the distinctive flavors and embrace the holistic benefits of this carefully crafted herbal drink.

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