Lifter Hemp Flower


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A potent Sativa-dominant hemp strain with uplifting effects that match perfectly with morning and daytime activities.  It has a strong earthy, grape-like scent with a loud and gassy diesel finish. Lifter is high in CBD with a terpene profile that will help keep you creative and focused throughout the day. Suggested for daytime users who want a clear mind, deep body relaxation, and stress relief.

We order a small quantity of flower at a time and take every step towards ensuring it stays fresh, we also only order buds from the tops of the plants.  We store all of our flower in CVaults with Boveda humidity packs and do not prepackage them.  Your order will arrive in a mylar bag with a Boveda humidity pack inside to help pass the freshness onto you.

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28g, 14g, 7g, 3.5g

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